About Us

Techontap provide web design and development, programming and electronic services. We work from a home office, don’t advertise or cold call – all our new business comes through recommendation by our clients. Its a system that has worked well for us and allows us to concentrate on providing a great service at a fair price.

eCommerce & Online Business
In a recessionary times the demand for ecommerce and online business sites is stronger than ever. Clients are shopping around, comparing prices, services, after sales, customer reviews, they are looking for documentation, brochures, special offers. A good ecommerce site can provide all that at the click of a button. Our customers tell us that having discussed details and price clients won’t make a decision until they have researched it themselves online or looked for a lower price.  You need a strong presence online to bring those customers back. We provide complete ecommerce solutions based on Magento, Zencart, Virtuemart, Wp-ecommerce, Woocommerce/Jigoshop or Tomatocart depending on the customers requirements. We also provide design and support for ecommerce packages including Volusion, Shopify and Prestashop. We can also help with writing or customising ecommerce payment, shipping and checkout plugins to simplify the customer experience and increase conversion rate. Contact  us now to discuss your project.

Webdesign and Development
Whether its a simple site with contact details or a full eCommerce site that drives new customers and new sales to your business we’re here to help. Irish businesses have been very slow to to capitalise on the  potential internet market. With a good site you can impress potential customers 24/7 and provide them with the key information they need to make the decision to choose you. The vast majority of sites have been put up with little or no content or not updated. It can be daunting having to populate a new site with useful information. We are here to ensure that you make the most off your new site and help you gather, refine and build great content.

Mobile Webdesign and Development
Viewing sites on a small screen can be frustrating and sometimes impossible. We can present your site in a clear and concise mobile friendly format ensuring that key information is clearly and easily accessible and all important features are easily accessible. We are seeing some of our sites with up to 35% of visitors using iphone, ipad and android. These visitors are also more lightly to make a purchase or use contact details. We can also make your site into an app for IOS or android.

Electronic Assistive Technology
We design and build electronic assistive devices for people with disabilities. We can switch adapt almost anything from toys, CD and MP3 players to computers and tablets. We regularly receive requests to modify equipment such as televisions and stereos to limit volume, and disable buttons and control panels. We also modify web pages and applications to make them switch accessible and improve performance for screen readers for the deaf and blind.

A large percentage of our business is subcontracting. We diagnose and repair issues with everything from content management plugins and ecommerce systems to servers and payment gateways. We also provide custom web solutions and plugins for content management systems and ecommerce systems using PHP, Javascript, SOAP, XML-RPC, CSS and XHTML